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Our client is an established industry leader located in the US, serving the non-insured benefits industry. One of their services also includes a custom print shop where they can handle on-demand custom print jobs of membership cards to booklets and ship directly to customers. Reveation Labs team had been approached to develop a fully functional and easy-to-use print shop web portal to automate all aspects of the print job life cycle to handle an increased load from growing customers.


Before we have stepped in, the complete print job process from placing the order to billing the customers is lengthy and tracked in Microsoft Excel. Their customers have to email the enrollment guides to print shop personnel to print them out and include print order details like quantities, shipping address, etc as part of the email. This whole process is inefficient and prone to human errors.

Team Reveation Lab's main challenge was to automate the complete print job process with all features and functionalities and provide a superior experience to their clients  The technical challenge was that we have to leverage existing React components developed by clients for consistent brand UX and develop modern UI based on wireframe provided by the client. The challenges were many, but the team has great expertise in developing similar applications.


To develop a completely new application, the Reveation Labs team developed a new platform considering all the features like developing a login module for secure log in to the portal, providing an option to create, update or delete the customer profile, include details in the profile, create a new print job with all information, creating dashboards, managing orders, clients, cost centers, shipping and Invoice generations with super minute details in consideration. The portal helps automatically calculate price and commission based on a predetermined formula.


Additionally, the team Reveation Labs developed the print shop web portal using ReactJS as a front-end technology, .Net C# for the backend, and MongoDB for data persistence. Our Azure cloud experts team took care of the Docker container-based microservices deployment in Microsoft Azure. The platform followed the event-driven architecture to provide flexibility, modularity, and scalability.
Our DevOps experts speed up the development lifecycle by leveraging CI/CD best practices and automatically triggering the application build process and deploying the artifact to the Dev, UAT, and Prod environment.


The results are extremely satisfying to our client as the print shop portal turned out just the way it was envisioned.  The print shop portal helped the client to manage their daily job loads more effectively, effortlessly and satisfy their customers and deliver high-quality products with ease.


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