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HTML, CSS, JS, Vue, Blockchain, Solidity, ERC1155, firebase, Infura, Pinata (IPFS), Hardhat, BSC, Ethereum, Web3, openzeppelin, Metamask
Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain
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Blockchain technology has become a sensation in the market. And we have grabbed the opportunity to utilize the technology for building websites for NFT marketplaces. With cryptocurrencies becoming the talk of the town, we have come a long way in making the first-ever platform for trading the Non-Fungible Token. The journey has been challenging indeed, and we would like to share some of the challenges that we overcame successfully.

Key challenges

  • It is not an easy job to use CSS and ensure the security of the platform as for an NFT marketplace, security should be high. We have used blockchain technology to enhance security.
  • The skill gap has always been a challenge while using all the nascent technologies including blockchain. But we have managed to hire the best professionals for working on the project.
  • Maintaining the easy user interface has been difficult owing to the complications in the back-end programming. Still, we used the right set of technologies including HTML, CSS, and JS for a convenient user interface on platforms like ReveNFT.

Our Approach

As we understood that making a trading platform with enough layers of security will demand complex back-end programming, our team has a vue.js framework for the front-end programming. So there has been no need to use the complex JS code here as the simple HTML codes worked the best. Firebase has been the right backend service, while the web.js library served as the appropriate middle tier.
Our team analyzed the chief functions of the platform. We succeeded in creating three individual smart contracts for
  • Minting
  • Auction
  • Marketplace for selling and buying the tokens

  • This has reduced the load on single modules. 
    To make the version better, we applied ERC1155 which takes all the best standards from the previous version and aids in creating gas-efficient and fungibility-agnostic token contracts on the website.

    Trading Platform For NFT Marketplace

    Our solution
    Blockchain technology is popular for the level of security. Thus, the smart contracts that our team created for the security and transparency of the transactions in the marketplace ads the users to cross-check before interacting with the website.
    Human errors have always messed up the token transactions for which our clients have planned to create the virtual platform for the same. We have created the logic to eliminate any human interference as automated programming language won't make human errors.
    We know that the users are impatient and so, we integrate the IPFS gateway to ensure that the client’s site loads faster and the users get a better experience of using the website.

    Key Features

    A percentage of the sale price of the created NFT For the benefit of the company.
    Configurable Fees
    Helps in maintaining the capital
    ERC1155 standard
    To avoid complications
    Auto exchange
    Automatic asset exchange
    Zero human labor
    Automation to eliminate errors.

    Our Results

    • We have been fascinated with the websites that we have created, like ReveNFT which always shows how easy it is for anyone to start trading the NFTs. Your clients can even create the NFTs to book major profit slabs as our framework will support high-end blockchain technology programs.

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