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Who we are?

Reveation Labs is an established company based in the US, founded with the purpose of empowering businesses with high-end technology and software. Headquartered in the modern metropolis of Dallas in the US, we have a technology and innovation centre in India, the Silicon Valley of South Asia.

We believe in being the ultimate supporting pillar for our fellow partners, helping them with innovative solutions in Enterprise Applications Development, Cloud Computing, Mobility, Blockchain, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Your dream, our vision.

The Birth of Reveation Labs

Established on the philosophies of converting your business dreams into reality,our name is a combination of Rêve (French for dream or vision) + ation (Innovation). We consider ourselves a lab where the dreams, ideas and needs of your business are combined with our vision, innovation and tech support. Together, we make them emerge into a prolific reality for your company.

Our name, Reveation Labs, is a perennial reminder for us to dream relentlessly about expanding new horizons, aspiring for new ideas and providing the best solutions for your business.

Our Story
The Origin

Our co-founders established Reveation Labs with the vision of being a primary support system for businesses operating on small, medium and large scales.

The Experience

Enriching the team with experience obtained over a decade of working in Fortune 20 companies, our visionaries inspire us to design innovative solutions that make our partners grow multifold.

The Journey

Over the years, Revelation Labs has expanded the team to include techno experts as well as young and enthusiastic tech lovers. They work on your business needs round the clock, ensuring tailor-made solutions that positively transform the future of your business.

Innovation is a Promise

Our team goes the extra mile to recommend new ideas & bring innovative solutions that add value to your business.

Integrity at the Core

We always put you first and give genuine solutions and services that benefit your business.

Collaborative Approach

Our experts put you first, understand your requirements, respect your inputs and provide the right solutions that fit your needs.

Uncompromised Quality

Our work comes with a promise to excel beyond your expectations.

Driven by Experts

Our team consists of highly qualified Software professionals who constantly dare to dream and achieve.

Tech-oriented by Heart

We are a bunch of innovators that thrive on the finest technology and technically sound creations.

Ready to enhance the mechanics of your business?

Over the years, we have helped countless businesses achieve what they hoped for and enabled them to dream for more. We invite you to join forces with us and explore new horizons of growth.

Why Reveation Labs

We are a team that is technically proficient and simultaneously caring for your business. Our ideology is to provide the latest technologies that suit your business well.
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Give your business the next-gen technology it deserves. Be a part of our family of successful enterprises that work on high-end software solutions.
In all the latest technologies and developments.
To innovate the best solutions and pick the right technology for you.
To always put you first & respect your business values and procedures.
To meet the deadlines and help you until the very end and beyond.
For all your business needs and queries at any point of time.
In our ways of working.