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CoinScouter - Crypto Coin Promotion

Vue.js, Firebase, Bulma, Nuxt.js
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About Project

This project is variant from others, one of our US-based clients came to us with the idea that they have to create a promotional or advertising platform for the crypto coins, where all coins information will be provided including its important details. The client’s agenda was to deliver the live solution and all the coin-related information in the advertisement form. It has several challenges as we have to work on the research as well as focus on the security attributes. Our major motive is to understand our client’s requirements and redefine them with advanced and next-generation technologies. The CoinScouter project again gave us a chance to prove our success to deal with the different ideas with the emerging and future technologies.

Key Challenges

  • The challenge was to deal with the different modern and emerging concepts. For us, it was like working on future solutions that were interesting but to implement in the right way.
  • The technical complex challenge in front of the crypto web developers was to integrate hosting with Firebase.
  • The next part was the SSR part in Nuxt.js integration.
  • Fetching and storing a large number of information about the crypto market worldwide.
  • Batch updating of the huge data at a specific time duration.
  • Arranging Voting features in ascending and descending orders
  • Email verification to add coins (It was risky also as there should be no technical fault as it includes the transmission of amount).

Our Approach

Reveation Labs is well known to deal with emerging technologies and modern frameworks like Nuxt.Js. The coinscouter team required a platform for all the crypto-related information and helps traders to make the right decisions. We have designed the solution with in-depth research and a proper understanding of the promotional activities that we can implement and deliver an advanced and modern experience. The Coin Counter project was different for us and with the emerging as well as right technologies we have to launch it to the right audience. It was fully complex as presenting different coins with the proper information was the biggest challenge. With our ability and industry experts, we drive digital transformation with our creative minds and launch the solution as per our client’s expectation as well as user demand functionalities.

Claim & Advertise Your Coin

Our Solution
In order to meet all the client’s requirements of making a platform for cryptocurrency promotion and advertising that allows users to grab all the information related to different coins that are available in the market such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. The major motive of this solution is to deliver information to the users about all the coins, their current value, future predictions, and other related information. Users can add - edit coins, vote for their preferred one, with the NFT marketplace. Our industry experts have selected Vue.js, Firebase, Bulma, and Nuxt.js trending technologies and sorted the complex challenges with their creative mindset and experience. They also focus on the important development attributes such as interactive and user-friendly user interface as well as loading speed and many more that ensures customer satisfaction. This solution is supported on progressive web applications. Our main motive is to secure the process as it was crucial so we built a robust, scalable, and user-friendly admin panel, in which the admin manager has the power to accept the coins submitted by coin listers, to avoid any fake submissions. We have opted for the website development with Nuxt.js and also integrated bog chart and blog swap graphs that easily differentiate the value and other investment-related queries to the users and NFT marketplace on ethereum and Binance chain is the next big inclusion into the website where users can buy and sell NFT from various categories like Music, Art, Sports, etc by connecting their wallets.

Features of the Application

Promote Specific Coin
With the CoinsCouter website, crypto coin owners can promote their specific coins and robust their business growth.
Favorite Coins
Users can add their favorite coins to the cart and use them as per their preferences. It helps to save a huge amount of time.
Vote for Coin
In order to increase the authority and value of the coin, we allow our users to vote for the specific coins and leverage their benefits.
Add and Edit Cryptocurrencies
Users can add or edit the crypto coins as per the fluctuation in the market or their personal decision.
Integrated Charts and Graphs of Coins
For better visibility and an innovative user-friendly approach, we have integrated charts and graphical representation that allows you to compare the different platforms easily.
News section for cryptocurrency
We have designed the website in such a way that it can meet all the minor to major requirements. We have integrated all the news sections also in the website that allows you to streamline the different processes.
Our experts have integrated the blogs section that allows owners to connect with users and provide the latest information for different platforms.
NFT marketplace
In order to make the process more reliable and transparent, we have integrated the NFT feature that allows to turn the system more secure and involve smart contracts as well as turn the solutions more powerful

Our Result

  • We have opted for the emerging technologies that allow us to deliver future end-to-end solutions in the market.
  • We have integrated the next-generation functionalities such as the NFT marketplace and vote for the crypto coins to engage users that help us to turn our solution more reliable and informative.
  • With the support of the emerging technologies, we also focus to opt for the right frameworks and tools that allow us to bring accurate outcomes with fewer efforts and duration.
  • Our experts have highly focused on the user interface that is responsive and engaging. They design solutions that are user-friendly and users don't require any technical skills to operate the functionalities.
  • We develop solutions that support different devices.
  • The major outcome was that it satisfied our clients, and met their expectations.
  • We have researched all the coins and brought their full information on one platform.
  • Users can get an idea about the market and predict the future of the specific coin easily.

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