Zero-knowledge proofs ZK Proof

Divya Nautiyal

Wed Feb 22 2023

Divya Nautiyal


Zero-knowledge proofs are cryptographic protocols that tell you something is true without providing additional secret information beyond what you want to prove. 

Zero-knowledge proofs (ZKP) are a method of verifying information without revealing the underlying data. Example of Zero Knowledge Proof- Imagine a scenario where Alice wants to prove to Bob that she is over 21 years old without showing her exact age.

One possible solution would be for Alice to show her ID to Bob, revealing her date of birth, which is more information than necessary.

In real life, ZK Proof can be applied to various industries and use cases, such as financial transactions, medical records, and digital identity verification. Zero Knowledge proof example: ZKP crypto can be used in the financial sector to prove ownership of an asset without revealing the exact amount or a person's identity without revealing their personal information.

In summary, zkp blockchain is a powerful technology that can prove a statement's truth without revealing sensitive information. Its potential applications are vast, from finance to healthcare and beyond.


An Issuer is any entity that issues claims. A claim is a statement made by an Issuer about another subject. For example:

  1. A bank issuing a claim that a customer's account balance is above a certain threshold without revealing the exact ratio.
  2. A government claims a citizen is above the voting age without revealing their exact date of birth.
  3. An e-commerce site claims a customer's credit score is above a certain threshold without revealing the exact score.  

These are some claims that can be verified by producing Zero Knowledge Proofs:

  1. A bank’s claim could be verified using a zero-knowledge proof blockchain, proving that the balance is above the threshold without revealing the actual value.
  2. A government’s claim could be verified using a zero-knowledge protocol, proving that the citizen is above the voting age without revealing their exact age.
  3. A medical claim could be verified using zero-knowledge proof, proving that the patient has the condition without revealing their entire medical history.

These are instructions on creating a Polygon ID account and using the platform to create and offer claims. The steps in detail are as follows:

  • On the Polygon ID page, enter your email and choose a password of your choice.
  • Click on the "get started" icon and confirm the email link sent to the email ID provided.

  • ZK Proof

  • Once the email is confirmed, you will be redirected to the issuer organization page and fill in the details.
  • Choose a display name that will be visible to all customers.

  • ZK Proof 1

  • Enter the legal name, which will be hidden and only visible to the issuer.
  • You can upload an image icon, but it's not mandatory
  • You will land on the Polygon ID platform, on the "create schema" and "offer claim" sections.
  • To create a claim, click on the "create schema" button and fill in the fields on the schema editor page.

  • ZK Proof 2

  • Choose from existing schemas or create custom schemas.

  • ZK Proof 3

  • Fill in the attribute description, a human-readable language, and describe the attribute in more detail for the end-user.

  • ZK Proof 4

  • Select the mandatory claim expiration date field.
  • Click on "save and offer claim" to offer the claim to users.

  • ZK Proof 5

    Claim Issuer

    Scan this QR from the polygonID wallet app to add this claim.


    Zero-Knowledge Proofs have enormous potential to restore people's control over their data by allowing others to verify specific attributes of that data without revealing the data itself. This will significantly impact finance, health care, and other industries because it will allow transactions while protecting data privacy. Reveation Labs is a decentralized protocol that uses zero-knowledge proofs to enable interoperable privacy in DeFi.

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