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Shayan Shaikh

Tue Jan 24 2023

Shayan Shaikh


Cryptocurrency and digital asset storage are rapidly gaining popularity among traders. People need a dependable wallet to keep their assets safe as their portfolios grow. A proper web3 wallet is required whether they choose an advanced cold wallet to store their assets offline or a simple software wallet safely. Use this brief guide to learn more about the significance of web3 wallets and their types.

What is the meaning of Web3 Wallet?

A web3 wallet is simply a digital wallet in which digital assets can be stored. Non-fungible tokens are among these digital assets (NFTs). A "crypto wallet" is the same as a web3 wallet, a tool for gaining access to the web3 economy and interacting with Dapps.

Web3 wallets are frequently non-custodial wallets, which means that the wallet owner can store digital assets without the involvement of a third party. Furthermore, the lack of a third party eliminates the need for KYC/AML, preserving wallet owners' privacy and anonymity.

Simply put, the wallet owner has complete control over the Wallet. On the other hand, Custodial wallets are usually secured by a centralised authority, similar to centralised exchanges, but they cannot be used.

How Do Web3 Wallets Function?

Each web3 Wallet is a little different, but they all serve the same purpose. Users begin by registering for an account and obtaining a private key or seed phrase. Their performance can only be accessed with the private key or seed phrase, neither of which can be changed. Users may be unable to retrieve their private keys sometimes, so it's critical to write this information down and keep it somewhere safe offline.

After signing in to their Wallet, users can see any assets they have stored in it. They can then use other wallet addresses to send or receive digital assets. Some wallets enable users to connect directly to the blockchain or a trading platform.

Remember that wallets value self-custody or the ability to manage your assets with few or no restrictions. While some platforms may have some use restrictions or limitations, most web3 wallets allow users to make permanent, irreversible transactions whenever and wherever they want.

Different types of Web3 Wallet 

Before you invest in digital assets, you must first learn how to store them properly. While the concept of a crypto wallet appears simple, several variations exist. Most people think of software wallets when it comes to storing cryptocurrency. However, several other options exist for keeping your assets safe, each with a different level of privacy and security.

Cold wallets

When not used, the best cold wallets keep your digital assets offline. Most decentralised finance (DeFi) applications will recommend storing your long-term holdings in a cold wallet even if you are an active cryptocurrency trader. Cold wallets are often less vulnerable to scams because they remain offline except when in use. Older storage methods, such as paper wallets, are still popular because they are considered hack-proof unless the piece of paper is lost.

Hot Wallets

Any crypto wallet connected to the internet is considered a hot wallet. They are the most common type of Wallet and are simple to use. Although they are called hot wallets because funds are saved online, one common disadvantage of this type is the Wallet's vulnerability, as they are prone to theft.

Web-Based Wallets

The MetaMask wallet is an excellent example of this type of Wallet. The majority of web-based wallets function as browser extensions. Users can interact with web3 platforms and send cryptocurrency.

Paper Wallets

Paper wallets are less popular than hardware wallets. While they provide a high level of security, they can be challenging to use. Paper wallets typically generate Quick Response (QR) codes or long strings of numbers and letters to represent a cryptocurrency. These papers are then securely stored offline until they are ready to be traded.

Mobile wallets

Mobile wallet, which allows users to store and manage assets on their mobile phones, is an excellent example. Furthermore, users can use their wallets to interact with web3 platforms via a protocol known as Wallet Connect.

Custodial Wallets

Custodial wallets entail a third party holding the key for you. A third party could be a company that provides enterprise-grade security solutions for preserving and protecting business data. A cryptocurrency exchange is an example of a custodial wallet.

Non Custodial Wallets

It is your responsibility to keep the keys secure in the case of non-custodial wallets. The majority of DeFi wallets are introduced to the market as non-custodial wallets.

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Web3 Crypto Wallet


Web3 wallets are essential in the web3 ecosystem. It is the first thing anyone who wants to get into cryptocurrency should get. Web3 wallets enable asset storage while granting access to Dapps on various chains. Users have complete control over their assets without a third party to regulate activities. Web3, as a distinct industry, is still in its infancy. Web3 wallets are constantly being developed, and there is still room for more wallets with exciting new features. Web3 developers are in high demand in the sector, and web3 is an excellent place to consider a career change or to begin one.

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