Simran Advani

Wed Oct 19 2022

Simran Advani

The future of the Internet is clear to the blockchain and cryptocurrency community. The Metaverse aims to completely transform the Internet, virtual collaboration, and personal life. However, in addition to the Metaverse, there are other options for the future Internet. Many experts see Web 3.0 as the future of the Internet. Web 3.0 has much in common with the Metaverse but has significant differences. This article explains the differences between the Metaverse and his Web3.0. First, let's compare Metaverse to Web3.

Web3 vs. Metaverse: The History and Future of the Internet

The next-generation Internet has the potential to change the way we use the Internet fundamentally. In his Web 1.0, the first version of the Internet, information was tracked and made available on websites. The Internet has been in a Web 2.0 state for several years. In Web 2.0, users interact with each other. The Internet is used not only to obtain information but also to interact with other users. Social media companies such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Snap are the foundation of today's Internet. 

What are the main features of Web3?

Self-managed, stateful, and robust, with native built-in payment functionality, the Web3 is self-managed. It has the following properties:


Web3 data is stored on the blockchain so that no one system can access it. Instead, it is distributed across multiple platforms. It makes distributed access more accessible and more likely to fail.


Users can access the Internet with Web3 without requiring special permissions. Users are not required to disclose personal information to access certain services. You don't have to invade your privacy or share any other information.


Unlike Web 2.0, Web 3.0 is more secure. It is because decentralization makes it harder for hackers to target specific databases.

What is Web3 used for?

Decentralized applications that run on the blockchain are called Web3 in the context of Ethereum. Joining these apps is free, and your personal information is not monetized.

As part of this next-generation Internet, Web3 is the future of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies will be used to facilitate decentralization. In addition, the Web 3.0 platform aims to give users access to their data. As a result, individuals can serve each other and control the aspects of the Internet they use without relying on big tech companies. Here's an example of a web3 application:

Bitcoin: The world's largest cryptocurrency is a perfect example of decentralized transactions. 

Apple Siri: A perfect example of Web3 is Siri. In the year since Siri is the 4 Series, AI assistants have offered more advanced capabilities. Siri is a complex, personalized platform that uses voice recognition and AI technology.

Open sea: A blockchain-based marketplace for buying and selling NFTs.

Google Cloud: The tech giant has announced that it will upgrade Web3 to its cloud system.

Web3 vs. Metaverse


Web3, the main evolution of Web2, is a next-generation technology that aims for a democratic and decentralized Internet environment. One user can be the owner or shareholder, not a technology giant. On Web3, users do not require permission and do not need to follow specific rules. The Metaverse system wants to establish a 3D world or virtual reality for users.


Remember that web 3.0 is a process engine that uses blockchain progress. The Metaverse is a new dimension encompassing health, gaming, movies, concerts, entertainment, social platforms, education, and virtual training technologies that leverage the technological advances of Web 3.0 to achieve goals.

Fundamental difference

The Metaverse hosts several key technologies that help run the entire ecosystem. Building the Metaverse requires connectivity, interfaces, decentralization, a creator economy, and advanced technology.

The goal of Web 3.0 is to create a decentralized web based solely on the blockchain. Through blockchain, users can connect to online services controlled by a peer-to-peer decentralized network world.

Metaverse and Web3 Portraits

Of course, Web 3.0 and Metaverse portraits are essential points of comparison. The Metaverse is a 3D world where you can interact with 3D friends, objects, and places. For example, you can play games with your friends on the creator's site. Web3 allows users to grow, own, sell and buy their content. Additionally, users can charge their creations.

Recognition in various ways

While Web 3.0 is primarily about who will rule the Internet in the future (technical giants or individuals), the Metaverse is about how users interact with the Internet. For example, many people use computers, smartphones, and tablets to navigate their websites and access apps. In addition, proponents of the Metaverse believe we will be online tomorrow using virtual reality (VR) technology, moving between virtual worlds as digital avatars.

The sequential use of blockchain systems on both ends in a peer-to-peer network where data is owned, open, well-distributed, and commonly owned, but where one can run business VR is different when you help a contributor hold the data.

Basic technology

Let's create a set of underlying technologies behind the web3 process: blockchain, decentralized autonomous organizations, and cryptocurrencies. Crypto Body has emerged as the world's first decentralized step towards web3. Meanwhile, the Metaverse is built on a foundation of Augmented Reality, Human Interface, Edge Computing, Creator Economy, NFT, Multitasking UI, 5g, and Wi-Fi 6g (Emerging Stage).

Ownership Battle

Web3's goal is to move the Internet away from the monopoly of big tech companies and to put ownership under public control. The most successful example is the Bitcoin market in the crypto world. Meanwhile, tech giants are trying to reinvent or buy out Metaverse companies to rule the world. However, experts argued that controlling the public Internet would make it harder for corporations to own Metaworld.

Similarities between Web3 and the Metaverse

Web3 and the Metaverse go hand in hand. The Metaverse still exists on the surface and deep web, but Web3 is often referred to as decentralized. However, the Metaverse will continue to be centralized regarding social media governance platforms.

Both are based on advanced technology that continues to evolve. The Semantic Web is the common foundation of the Metaverse and Web3. Another critical component of both technologies, AI, will be an integral part of building sophisticated user interfaces. Technically, many advancements in blockchain create commonalities between both technologies. Each new blockchain concept is evaluated as a potential module to integrate the Web3 engine that powers the products and services of the Metaverse. Web3 and the Metaverse are in their early stages. The final product has emerged over the years and can be very different as the technology does not always match the vision for its use.

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We can conclude that the Metaverse is a 3D world where we can interact with 3D friends, objects, and places. For example, you can play games with your friends on the creator's site. Web3 allows users to cultivate, own, sell and buy their content. Additionally, users can charge their creations. Since this system is in development, we will have to constantly monitor whether this world is trying to increase inequality or assimilate in the near future.

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