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Simran Advani

Tue May 02 2023

Simran Advani

Blockchain is the data structure the Bitcoin cryptocurrency uses for its public ledger, where transactions can be recorded. The best part is that a large community, not individuals, has secure databases on blockchain networks. Blockchain is only used for software that requires transactions or covers sensitive documents, thus reducing the overhead of multiple ledgers. 

Are you looking for the top blockchain technology company in Texas? Finding the best blockchain development company for your business idea just got easier. Here is a list of the best blockchain development services with well-established customer reviews and ratings to help you choose a trusted blockchain developer. 

10 Blockchain Companies in Texas That Are Shaping the Industry

  1. Labrys
  2. Labrys is a well-known blockchain development company that provides a range of blockchain solutions to businesses and organizations. They specialize in developing smart contracts, decentralized applications (dApps), and blockchain-based solutions for a variety of industries, including finance, supply chain management, and healthcare.

  3. Eleks
  4. One of the Top 100 Global Outsourcing companies is ELEKS. To increase their value through cutting-edge technologies, they work in partnership with enterprise clients and SMEs. Their clients receive a broad variety of software services from our 2,000+ professionals, who are dispersed throughout Europe and the US. These encompass services like support and maintenance, product design, data science, quality assurance, and custom software development.

  5. Solulab
  6. SoluLab is a blockchain development company in Texas that provides organizations with various blockchain-based solutions. Blockchain consultation, development, implementation, and maintenance are among its offerings. They have experience with various blockchain technologies, including Ethereum, Hyperledger, and Corda.

    SoluLab offers services in addition to blockchain development, such as mobile app development, web development, and AI development. They've worked with clients in fields as diverse as healthcare, banking, e-commerce, and logistics.

  7. Cubix
  8. Cubix is a prominent blockchain development business that has been offering its clients unique solutions for many years. While it is difficult to say Cubix is the best blockchain company in Texas, they have certainly made a name for themselves in the industry and have received numerous accolades for their efforts.

    Cubix is well-known for its competence in blockchain development, mobile app development, and web development, and they have worked with clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 corporations. Clutch. Co, a prominent B2B ratings and reviews portal, has also named them one of the top blockchain development businesses.

  9. Reveation Labs
  10. Reveation Labs is a leading blockchain development company based in Dallas, USA, founded to empower enterprises with high-end technology. We have a technology and innovation center in Ahmedabad, India. Led by founders from top 20 Fortune companies, we provide our partners with innovative solutions such as blockchain & web3 development, website development that includes jamstack development, B2B e-commerce, cloud and DevOps, and IT Staffing.

  11. Intelegain Technology
  12. Infograins is an Indian blockchain development company that has worked with clients in Texas and other regions of the world, however, they are not situated in Texas. As a result, describing Infograins as the #1 blockchain startup in Texas would be inaccurate. However, Infograins has a strong industry reputation and has provided innovative solutions to clients in various industries. Among other things, they specialize in blockchain development, cryptocurrency development, and smart contract creation.

  13. Quytech
  14. Quytech is a blockchain development company based in India, and while they may have worked with clients in Texas and other parts of the world, they are not based in Texas. Therefore, it would not be accurate to describe Quytech as the top blockchain company in Texas.

    However, Quytech has a strong reputation in the industry and has provided innovative solutions to clients in a range of industries. They specialize in blockchain development, smart contract development, cryptocurrency development, and more.

  15. Duality Blockchain Solutions
  16. Duality Blockchain Solutions is a well-known blockchain development company that is based in Houston, Texas. They have been providing innovative solutions to clients for several years and have made a name for themselves in the industry. While it's difficult to definitively state that Duality is the top blockchain development company in Texas, they have certainly earned a reputation as a leader in the industry. Duality specializes in blockchain development, cybersecurity, and data protection, and they have worked with a wide range of clients from government agencies to private sector companies

  17. Blocktunix
  18. Blocktunix is a blockchain development company based in Austin, Texas, and they have earned a strong reputation as a leader in the industry. While it's difficult to definitively state that Blocktunix is the top blockchain development company in Texas, they have certainly made a name for themselves in the industry and have received numerous accolades for their work.

  19. Factom
  20. Factom stores the world's data in a distributed system. They believe that an open system unlocks untapped potential in everyone. In the future, fraud, corruption, and counterfeiting will be a thing of the past. Privacy and property ownership are fundamental human rights, so keep personal data private and protect the world's wealth. Life is a little fairer with Factom. 


Blockchain technology is the new frontier of the internet. Businesses are embracing it to transform their operations and make a difference in their industries. Blockchain-based platforms are notable for their incorruptibility, security, and transparency. They have the potential to disrupt industries that rely on centralized systems. The only problem is that blockchain technology is not used by many businesses yet. Blockchain networks are highly complex, which contributes to this issue. This guide should assist you in choosing a blockchain company that is right for your company.

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Top 10 Blockchain Development Companies In Texas, USA

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