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Pooja Sharma

Tue May 24 2022

Pooja Sharma

Metaverse and Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are the trendiest new technologies with enormous business potential. Blockchain has played a critical role in revolutionizing business in many ways over the years. It has steered the world into a future of possibilities with the new Internet and new direction. Today, there are a wealth of opportunities for savvy entrepreneurs, businesses, and consumers to generate revenue through fun and interactive methods.

As things are going mainstream with NFTs and Metaverse, it makes sense not to stay behind in the new world. With many businesses still trying to figure out the craze, let's start with the basic introduction.

Metaverse & NFT Explained

Metaverse represents a digital 3D world, based on a theoretical concept that allows your entry through a Virtual reality headset. The virtual world functions like your real world, where you get a body (avatar) to customize as you want and a home to fill in stuff. You perform activities like interacting with others, playing games, and doing everything you practically execute in your daily life. 

NFTs are non-fungible tokens that are 100% unique and offer a certificate of ownership that exists on the blockchain. When a digital file (an image, video, or GIF) is minted, an NFT is created. Its authenticity is generated by cryptocurrency with its 100% uniqueness and can be sold to other buyers in mostly Ethereum crypto. Birthing of NFTs has been a blessing because digital arts and assets have this prolonged threat of being stolen or copied. 

As every discussion nowadays is directed towards the gentle mixing of NFT and Metaverse, it is safe to say NFT will shape the future of Metaverse. NFT can spark the change for a new Metaverse world while also creating potential opportunities for investors, gamers, and enterprises. 

What is the Future of Metaverse?

Metaverse might be hinged with many apprehensions because of its reasonably new appearance. But it is no more a science fiction concept. People are not merely using it for playing games but running their brands. It is the future because the advantages it is ready to usher are unimaginative.

1. It transforms the work culture

  • Metaverse serves as a dovetail into the virtual world. It simplifies the practice of working where employees will no longer be cooped up in their cubicles. 
  • It will amplify the transition of remote working by building a centralized digital network.
  • It offers no commuting hassles, no more expensive business trips, and cutting off professional appearances to the office.

  • 2. E-commerce gets a boon

    The e-commerce world is ready to step into a significant transition in the coming years with the arrival of Metaverse. Giants like Walmart are racing with this idea and ready to venture into the world of Metaverse by minting their own crypto and NFTs.

    3. Gaming Unfolds A New Direction 

    Metaverse originated from gaming and is set to usher in a gigantic shift in the online gaming world. Many gaming enterprises like Epic, Funcom, Linden Lab, and Sky Mavis have previously launched avatar-based online gaming. And with Metaverse, they are prepared to explore it in detail.

    4. Real Estate Will Flourish

    Virtual real estate may sound like an imaginary concept a few years back, but today it is very much existing. Virtual real estate is booming, where a patch of virtual land was even sold for $2.4 million worth of crypto. Companies like Decentraland and The Sandbox are driving a new change by offering aspiring buyers a virtual space to purchase and sell lands, estates, and properties. If you want an example of that Metaverse is no longer in its nascent stage, then know how far the Real estate in Metaverse has traveled.

    Technologies That Contribute to Metaverse Architecture

    The existence of the Metaverse rests upon a complex virtual environment with several layers of operations. The hardware, software, and infrastructure play a salient role in its functioning. 

    Infrastructure — Wifi, GPU, cloud, and 5G.

    Software — Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Edge computing, mobile applications, etc.

    Hardware — VR headsets, AR glasses, and mobile devices for connectivity.

    For Creators — Designing tools, digital assets, and e-commerce assistance. 

    Note: The Metaverse technology is built in an immersive 3D atmosphere that automatically demands high computing power for impeccable results. It accounts for an array of factors. Therefore, companies should determine everything before taking a headstart in this space. 

    Roles of NFTs in Metaverse

    Metaverse and NFTs are rapidly getting the moment in the blockchain space. They are even considered synonymous because of the unparalleled growth in blockchain gaming. But these are two different concepts that have all the capabilities to co-exist and change the world for the better.

    The coexistence of NFT and Metaverse is not new. For example, in a 2019 NFT.NYC event, an NFT-based token was used as an entry ticket. Although no one exclusively called it a Metaverse event, it implied the coexistence of NFTs and Metaverse. 

    There are also grounds for confusion between the co-use of Metaverse and NFTs. NFTs require transitions that occur through web browsers, and Metaverse is VR-based. But, many enterprises have found creative ways to use NFTs and Metaverse together, despite the disparity in both concepts. So, where is the course of intersection between both? Let's discover:

    1. Virtual Marketplaces Exists Differently

    The concoction of VR and NFT marketplaces can serve many industries. VR with apps like VR chat is already thriving, and there seems to be a ground of possibilities for NFTs where sellers can offer the links in the VR space or mint NFTs in the VR landscape.

    A brand like Nike has acknowledged the massive shift in the space and gave birth to its own "Nikeland" and has taken due action for making product NFTs. It seems like a start and the intersection of two viral concepts.

    2. Art Gets A New Road

    VR has a direct link to see art. The modeling of VR enables you to inspect every detail in the art and frame from every possible angle. This concept differs from the one in marketplaces where the prices are set beforehand with almost similar set of pieces.

    The need is vast too. Many museums intend to place their NFT art in Metaverses such as Cryptovexels. With VR blending in NFT, this could change how art galleries function.

    3. Towards a Transparent Economy

    Metaverse is ready to take things up a notch. It is accessible to more real-world assets through the synchronization of gaming models with blockchain. It also opens doors for Individual users and enterprises who can now represent their virtual assets in a decentralized world. The key outcome of NFTs on Metaverse has to be crafting a road strengthened on a fair and transparent economy. 

    The play-to-earn gaming models trigger the growth of NFT Metaverse interplay. These gaming models provide a fair gameplay environment where players own assets entirely. It facilities NFTs to have more opportunities in the Metaverse space, and its role is likely to become more prominent.

    Blockchain is fundamental to offering transparency and immutability, and the role of NFT in Metaverse signifies that. As a result, you can experience a completely safe and open economy in this space by supporting NFTs.

    4. Rise of A New Community

    Another gift of Metaverse and NFT collaboration would be to see the change in identity and social experiences for the users. Users can vouch for their opinions, express their interests, and leverage community building. The rise of a new community will bestow interactions of like-minded NFT owners, harness a solid community, and collaborate on content goals.

    The NFT avatars are a fine example of this trend. NFT avatars represent a player's authentic self and imaginative one. It allows players to use their NFT teams to switch between places in the Metaverse sphere. It fosters safe, complete, and flexible ownership of tokens for building virtual identities with the extension of real-life identities.

    NFT avatars also enable users to pocket in virtual memberships to broaden their experiences in the virtual and real worlds. 

    Final Words: Implementation of NFT in the Metaverse

    As you know, Metaverse is still a fresh concept, and not many companies have successfully unlocked the potential of building solutions implementing NFTs. However, the numerous benefits of the NFT Metaverse combination depict a new internet. 

    The future seems bright with the blend of uniqueness brought by NFTs and nearly the 'everything is possible' digital world by Metaverse. NFTs will amp up the existence of Metaverse as its building blocks and together open up immense opportunities. The list is endless, where Metaverse madness can touch new avenues. It is the start of a future of change where humans will utilize this technology as quickly as the Internet. 

    Hopefully, now you know the underlying concepts between Metaverse and NFTs and how their coexistence will shape the world. Embrace the breakthrough in these fields and understand the market is headed towards a significant transition.

    But before that happens, you should get onboarded yourself with Blockchain consultancy and development to gear up for the new world. At Reveation Labs, we have adopted various services like Full Stack Blockchain Consultation, GameFi, Tokenomics, and Metaverse to offer incredible assistance. We have not only helped businesses with the advancements in these areas but looking for upgrades in the VR world as an organization.

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