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Avantika Jha

Fri Feb 04 2022

Avantika Jha

Using Gatsby for E-commerce

You can't even comprehend how Gatsby can help you fuel your eCommerce application. The way your E-commerce element can be converted into the success mammoth, just by the usage of Gatsby, is beyond your imagination.

What is the story of Gatsby?

Gatsby is an open-source static website generator(SSG) that uses Webpack and GraphQL technology and is built on the React frontend development framework. It can be used to create progressive web apps that adhere to the current web standards and are optimized for speed and security.

E-commerce Using Gatsby

Industries that sell things online frequently require a range of tools to make their operations run smoothly. Product pages, product catalog navigation, a shopping cart, and checkout are all required at the very least for their website.

Customer account creation, promotions, discounts, and loyalty, customer reviews, tax calculation, user tracking via analytics, and content personalization are all features that most companies offer.

Why an E-commerce Gatsby recipe?

What makes Gatsby every E-commerce business owner’s favorite? Despite the numerous E-commerce plugins available for Gatsby, there was no official recipe of this nature. We intended to make amends by submitting our own to the Gatsby crew.

Additionally, as a team, we want to make Snipcart's connection with a wide range of tools as simple as possible. Plugins and integrations, on the other hand, take time to create and manage.

It appeared to be an excellent chance to quickly reinforce our integration with one of the most popular website building tools available by leveraging an existing (and reliable) Snipcart plugin.

Furthermore, there are other advantages to using Gatsby to build E-commerce websites for users, some of which we have discussed in our React E-commerce guide.

Components are used to provide versatility.

Component-based programming not only allows for easy code reuse throughout your program, but it also allows you to write minor functionalities. Alternatively, in our instance, minor E-commerce features. This will come in handy when your shopping cart integration grows and scales.

Performance-enhancing virtual DOM.

The virtual DOM in React makes it easier to update a web application's view. Every millisecond counts in E-commerce.

For peace of mind, popularity, and a large community

Gatsby has grown extremely popular, much like the framework that underpins it. If you're a retailer, finding developers to keep your Gatsby E-commerce software updated shouldn't be too difficult. Any issue you encounter as a developer is almost certainly already documented.

As a management alternative for scaling, Gatsby Cloud comes highly recommended.

It's a wonderful indicator that your business is doing well if your editorial team or content grows, but it might make things more difficult to manage. You can use Gatsby's cloud to offload hosting and maintenance. If your project contains a large number of content nodes, you should check out Gatsby Cloud's Incremental Builds functionality.

Additional content systems to consider

Once an organization has decided on a core E-commerce platform, it may desire or need to add other content shops to the website. For complex content modeling, they might use Contentful or WordPress, whereas, for blog content production, they might use WordPress. They may use Yotpo to manage customer reviews or Salsify to manage product information.

Why do businesses use Gatsby to create E-commerce sites?

Every budding E-commerce business owner should know the real reasons for using Gatsby. Organizations that want to build a JAMStack E-commerce site with Gatsby do so for a variety of reasons: they want to embrace a modern development framework (React), they want to optimize performance, and they want a web framework that's already integrated with the systems they use (via Gatsby's plugin system and pre-built integrations).

Gatsby's lightning-fast performance is a significant plus in terms of conversions: it automates code-splitting, image optimization, inlining important styles, lazy-loading, resource prefetching, and more to ensure your site is thoroughly optimized.

And, thanks to Gatsby's pre-built connectors, data from all of these sources (including Shopify, WordPress, Contentful, Yotpo, and others) can be pulled in and made available for the React components.

Your products and services should be highlighted.

Gatsby makes it simple to develop custom Shopify's that link with your preferred review system, CMS, form provider, and other third-party systems - whatever your business needs to boost traffic and conversions. Gatsby features over 2500 plugins to assist you in creating a successful E-commerce store.

Increasing organic traffic and conversions

The Gatsby Framework and Cloud were created from the ground up to provide end-users with the fastest possible experience. On a secure, worldwide CDN, visitors are provided statically-generated, optimized content and media, which improves Lighthouse Scores, organic traffic, accessibility, and conversions.

Increase the number of visitors to your site.

Gatsby can help you boost your SEO by lowering page load times, boosting usability metrics, and streamlining how search engines scan your site, all of which can help you increase organic and paid traffic.

Improved website loading time

Page load speed, time to first paint, and other user experience metrics can be significantly impacted by static-site-produced E-commerce businesses. In a recent Core Web Vitals upgrade, Google took measurements. Gatsby can help you increase your Lighthouse scores considerably.


With Gatsby as your frontend, all data and content are served as a static asset, with no open database connection, keeping your client data safe from hackers. When you switch to Gatsby, you'll enjoy PWA capabilities out of the box, including offline mode, push notifications, and home screen icons.

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