Cloud Solutions

that accelerate your growth.
Our intuitive strategies, products, and services enable your business to save Cloud infrastructure costs and leverage the best Cloud services in the speediest way possible. You also benefit from the freedom of dreaming without any barriers, since a leveraged Cloud-service like ours takes care of all the technicalities and brings to the table exactly what you desire.

How we make a Difference

We bring the best, at your fastest.
Well-informed Solutions
Our techies stay updated with the new developments and possibilities in cloud technology and bring the best ones to usage for your company.
Detailed Analysis
For revamping your cloud system and understanding the touchpoints that need to be enhanced, we pay attention to each aspect of your cloud framework.
Expert Advisory
Our team of Cloud and software experts help you with every small decision about your Cloud Infrastructure, right from which Cloud service to opt for and so on.
Always In Touch
We take the testing and maintenance of your Cloud architecture seriously, so we are always available for your problems and fixes.
Cloud Strategy Services
We first understand how your enterprise works, and then bring to you the finest of Cloud strategies that fit in well with your system. Our team of experts creates a thorough Cloud architecture for your company, such that effort is minimized and output is maximized.
  • A holistic roadmap to the future that increases your cloud maturity and brings prolific outcomes.
  • Advisory on public, private, and hybrid Cloud approaches, hand-crafted as per the needs of your company.
  • Recommendations on Cloud types and management.
Cloud Migration Services
If you are stuck with a Cloud model that has not been updated or maintained in a long time, it is best to make an upgrade. We help you move to a more efficient and organised Cloud framework while ensuring that the transformation is careful and holistic.
  • Speedy and cost-effective migration to the Cloud.
  • A secure migration procedure that does not allow data loss or other risks.
  • Migration of workload from material to Cloud.
  • Movement from one Cloud system to another.
Cloud Architecture Development and Management
For Development, we optimize Cloud framework to bring resilience, agility, and speed, or build a new, highly transformative Cloud architecture wherever required. We also extend our services to managing Cloud, for unperturbed functions and availability.
  • Innovating Cloud architecture and framework according to your operations.
  • All services across SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS.
  • Rebuilding a robust Cloud environment for enhanced quality of usage.
  • Managing the Cloud for a continuously smooth experience, with technologies like Oracle Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Salesforce Cloud, and more.
Cloud Security Services
Security of the Cloud becomes a primary responsibility for any organization. At Reveation Labs, we offer uninterrupted support in Cloud security. Our experts analyze the system periodically and visualize the data to get to the root of potential threats, so that your data is never jeopardized.
  • Continuous monitoring of your Cloud environment to detect threats.
  • Intelligent threat detection through tools and experts.
  • Prompt fixes for any faults in the system.

Our Core Services

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We are a team that is technically proficient and simultaneously caring for your business. Our ideology is to provide the latest technologies that suit your business well.

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